Thursday 11 October 2012

Tiles Made by Students from Charles Best Secondary

The Smudging Bowl

Smudging Our Tiles for Project of Heart

Our Class with Cyril and Joe

Our Cards for The Residential School Survivors

Stephanie Li, Gr. 10

It has changed my whole point of view of First Nations because on how difficult and unfair their life was. I mean, around 150,000 innocent First Nations, Inuits and M├ętis children were pulled out from their communities with no choice and forced to attend residential schools. They lived in bad conditions and experienced physical, psychological and sexual abuse. They were discouraged to speak their native language or practice their native traditions. If they were caught, they would experience severe punishment. Also, it was believed that First Nation children should only succeed if they learned Christianity and spoke English or French. But what has the government done? ONLY GIVE MONEY AND AN APOLOGY! But that doesn’t solve their experiences, their pain, their fear or their anger. We need to stand up and fight for what is right and what needs to be done! For us citizens can control the government.                         

Julia Fazl, Gr. 10

Studying about the residential schools has really impacted me because I didn't even know that they even existed. Before we started studying about aboriginal people I pretty much knew nothing about them and their culture. Now that I know a bit more about aboriginal people and their past I think everybody should know about Canada's true history.  I think that all Canadians should have equal rights no matter what their race is.